Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney

I help spouses divorce peacefully, through divorce mediation. Working together we can complete a Pennsylvania mediation divorce without setting foot in court.

These are my ideals as a divorce mediator:

  1. Peace. I am committed to peaceful resolution of all divorce issues.
  2. Impartiality. I do not pick sides for or against either spouse.
  3. Kindness. I am kind to both spouses.

Divorce mediator and Pennsylvania lawyer

Not all divorce mediators are lawyers. Because I am a Pennsylvania divorce attorney as well as a divorce mediator, I can assist spouses with their entire Pennsylvania mediation divorce.

Using my 12+ years of experience as a divorce mediator, I help wives and husbands calmly discuss and decide terms of their divorce. During divorce mediation sessions:

  • I make sure spouses discuss all necessary divorce topics.
  • I provide important information (legal, tax, financial, parenting) so each spouse may make informed decisions.
  • I stay neutral, making it easier for spouses to discuss and decide matters.

When all terms of divorce have been decided, I use my 33+ years of experience as a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer to:

  • draft Pennsylvania divorce documents, making the terms decided in divorce mediation legally binding,
  • assist with filing for a Pennsylvania divorce decree.
Divorce Mediator Dann Johns
Dann Johns,
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

❝By my nature I am a peacemaker. From the time I began practicing law in 1988, clients and colleagues often mentioned my calming presence. Realizing that I am a helper—not a fighter—I focus my career on helping spouses divorce peacefully. I like to think I am making this world a more peaceful place for families.❞

An entire Pennsylvania mediation divorce can be completed in the privacy of my office. I provide all services required, from a free consultation about divorce mediation to requesting a Pennsylvania divorce decree. Spouses can divorce without setting foot in court.

Timeline for a Pennsylvania mediation divorce

Divorce mediator who lowers the cost of divorce

Before I limited my law practice to divorce mediation, I handled courtroom divorces for twenty-two years. In court cases, I saw attorneys charge fees as high as thirty thousand dollars for divorce! I saw how fighting between spouses drove lawyer fees ever higher.

Divorce does not have to be expensive.

Husbands and wives who work with a mediator often avoid ugly and expensive courtroom battles. About 9 in 10 divorcing couples reach an out-of-court agreement in mediation.

A mediation divorce costs less than average Pennsylvania divorce

Cost of divorce mediation

When spouses are willing to try divorce mediation, I do my best to help them stay on the path of peace.

Divorce mediator who empowers parents

As a parent and grandparent myself, I deeply respect the decision-making role of parents. Mothers and fathers know their family better than anyone. In a mediation divorce, it's parents who make all the decisions about child custody and child support—not judges or lawyers.

I am confident that parents, with just the right amount of help from a divorce mediator, can divorce on their own terms. I believe that parents who are willing to mediate can solve almost any problem. In my practice, about 9 in 10 parents who try divorce mediation reach agreement on custody, support, distribution of marital property, and other important matters.

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Steps in a Pennsylvania mediation divorce

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