What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

The top three benefits of a mediation divorce are:

  1. costs less than other ways to divorce,
  2. promptly resolves matters,
  3. makes divorce as peaceful as possible.
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For mothers and fathers, divorce mediation has another important benefit. Divorce mediation helps parents keep—or start to build—a positive parenting relationship.

Divorce mediation costs less than other ways to divorce

In my office, the per family cost of a typical mediation divorce is about $3,200 to $4,900. In fact, about 46% of my cases are resolved for less than $3,800.

Compare this to the per spouse cost of the average Pennsylvania divorce—about $14,300.1

How are divorce mediation fees paid?

How are divorce mediation fees set?

1. Byrnes, Hristina, "The cost of divorce", USA Today (January 21, 2020) citing Nolo nationwide divorce survey.

Divorce mediation resolves matters promptly

In a mediation divorce, spouses can discuss and decide divorce terms within days, and sign legal documents within weeks. Compare this to fighting in court where it may take months to years to decide matters.

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How much time to get a Pennsylvania divorce decree?

Divorce mediation makes divorce as peaceful as possible

When spouses choose divorce mediation they are trying to reach an out-of-court agreement on divorce terms. Their mediator will help them calmly discuss important—even difficult—matters.

In my practice, about 9 in 10 divorcing couples who try a mediation divorce reach agreement. In Pennsylvania, wives and husbands who reach agreement in mediation can divorce without setting foot in court.

Three tips for a more peaceful divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation benefits for parents

A mediation divorce can be especially useful for parents. Mothers and fathers can decide child custody and child support terms without going to court. Divorce mediation can help moms and dads:

  • reduce divorce conflict by deciding child custody and child support matters quickly,
  • improve parental communication by calmly discussing and deciding custody and support,
  • save money for their family instead of paying lawyers to fight.

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After divorce mediation, many spouses are glad they tried the path of peace for their divorce.

Divorce mediation for you & your spouse

Consider sharing this website with your spouse. If both of you are interested in a mediation divorce, the next step is to schedule a free consultation with Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney.

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Wishing you and your family much peace and well-being!

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