Does each spouse need their own lawyer for a mediation divorce?

Getting your own attorney is not required in a mediation divorce, but is an option. In divorce mediation, each spouse decides for themself whether to get advice from their own lawyer.

If you decide to talk to your own attorney, consider doing so:

Why some spouses get their own attorney for divorce mediation

A divorce mediator does not represent either spouse. This means that a divorce mediator:

  • won't advise either spouse about his or her individual legal rights,
  • won't negotiate to gain advantage for one spouse over the other,
  • won't evaluate whether the terms of divorce decided in mediation are right for either spouse individually.

So, in mediation a divorcing spouse might hire their own lawyer to:

  • get advice about individual divorce rights,
  • review legal documents before signing.

Each spouse gets to decide for themself whether to consult their own lawyer during a mediation divorce. If you decide to hire your own attorney, consider one who is:

  • experienced in family law,
  • upfront about fees and payment terms,
  • familiar with divorce mediation.

A mediation divorce costs less than average Pennsylvania divorce

Why some spouses don't  get their own attorney for divorce mediation

Some divorcing couples find that their divorce mediator provides enough legal information and assistance. An experienced divorce mediator will:

  • provide general legal information during divorce mediation sessions,
  • make sure divorcing wives and husbands discuss all important topics.

So, either spouse participating in divorce mediation may choose not to hire their own lawyer if they:

  • are satisfied with the legal information provided by the divorce mediator;
  • are okay with the terms of divorce discussed and decided in mediation;
  • want to keep the cost of divorce mediation as low as possible.
Divorce Mediator Dann Johns
Dann Johns,
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

❝I support and respect each spouse's choice about whether to get separate legal advice and representation. Some choose to consult with their own lawyer, but husbands and wives are not required to hire separate lawyers for divorce mediation.❞

If you choose not to hire your own lawyer, consider reading each legal document carefully before signing—to make sure its terms are right for you.

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