Divorce Peacefully

A peaceful divorce is possible! In Pennsylvania, spouses may choose divorce mediation to:

  1. calmly discuss and decide terms of divorce,
  2. divorce without setting foot in court,
  3. keep costs of divorce as low as possible.

In my office, about 9 in 10 divorcing couples who try mediation promptly reach agreement on terms of divorce that otherwise would be decided by a court:

  • marital property distribution
  • spousal support
  • alimony
  • child support
  • child custody

During divorce mediation sessions, I provide both spouses with:

  • legal information about Pennsylvania divorce,
  • tax information related to divorce,
  • financial information to consider in a divorce,
  • information for divorcing moms and dads.

This helps divorcing husbands and wives make informed decisions for themselves and their family. Spouses are the decision-makers in divorce mediation—with assistance from their mediator.

Then, after all important matters are decided:

  • I draft Pennsylvania legal documents, to make the terms decided in divorce mediation sessions legally binding.
  • I assist with filing for a Pennsylvania divorce decree, when both spouses are ready to finalize their divorce.

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Divorce Mediator Dann Johns
Dann Johns,
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

❝An entire mediation divorce that includes discussing and deciding terms, signing Pennsylvania legal documents, and getting a Pennsylvania divorce decree can be completed in my office. Spouses can divorce without setting foot in court.❞

Because a mediation divorce can be handled by one attorney, the cost of a mediation divorce in Pennsylvania is thousands of dollars less than each spouse hiring their own lawyer to fight in court.

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Divorce mediation for a peaceful divorce

Most spouses I work with want a peaceful divorce. They want to divorce by agreement, without the drama and expense of fighting in court. If parents, they want to provide each child with a peaceful, low conflict childhood.

Working together we can make your Pennsylvania divorce as peaceful as possible. As your divorce mediator I will:

  • help you and your spouse calmly discuss and decide all important divorce topics;
  • work in an impartial manner—never picking sides or favoring one spouse over the other;
  • treat you and your spouse with kindness.

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Unlike attorneys who fight in court:

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