Cost of divorce mediation

Most divorce mediation cases with Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney, cost between $4,500 and $6,600 and include:

  1. discussing and deciding divorce topics,
  2. signing a postnuptial agreement, and
  3. filing for a Pennsylvania divorce decree.

Payment terms for a mediation divorce

If spouses need only the three services listed above (true for about 45% of couples I assist) their mediation divorce will cost between $4,500 and $5,200. The exact cost within that range depends on where the divorce decree will be filed, as filing fees vary by Pennsylvania county.

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Timeline for a mediation divorce in Pennsylvania

More about cost of a mediation divorce

A divorce mediation case will cost more than $4,500 to $5,200 if spouses want or need additional services, for example:

  • Spouses who agree to a house buyout (one spouse keeping the home) may need a Deed.
  • Spouses who decide to divide or withdraw funds from a retirement account may need a QDRO.
  • Parents who need to document child support to qualify for a lease or mortgage may need a Child Support Agreement.
  • Parents concerned about a child's relocation, school district, or schedule may want a Child Custody Agreement.

    NOTE: Neither a Child Support Agreement nor a Child Custody Agreement is required for a Pennsylvania divorce.

Fees and needed services are discussed during a free consultation about divorce mediation, then detailed in a written estimate. This way, wives and husbands know in advance what their entire mediation divorce will cost.

Even if spouses need additional services mentioned above, most divorce mediation cases with Dann Johns cost less than $6,600.

A mediation divorce costs less than the average Pennsylvania divorce

Payment terms for a mediation divorce

Lump sum payment is not required. Spouses pay as they go:

  • When spouses ask to start, they pay a one-time fee that covers all divorce mediation sessions they may need.
  • When spouses ask for drafting of legal documents, that is when they pay a per document fee for drafting.
  • When both spouses are ready to file for a Pennsylvania divorce decree, the filing fee is paid at that time.

Pay-as-you-go fees give spouses the option to spread the cost of a mediation divorce over whatever time is right for them. When the time comes to pay, these forms payment are accepted:

  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express
  • eCheck
  • Personal check

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Divorce mediation for you and your spouse

Consider sharing this website with your spouse. If both of you are interested in a mediation divorce, the next step is to schedule a free consultation about divorce mediation.

To learn more about peaceful divorce, check out these articles about divorce mediation in Pennsylvania.

I wish you and your spouse much peace and well-being!

Dann Johns
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

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