How much time for a mediation divorce in Pennsylvania?

In divorce mediation spouses may:

  • discuss and decide divorce topics in days,
  • sign legal documents within weeks, and
  • get a Pennsylvania divorce decree within months.

Or divorcing spouses may choose a slower pace—timing is up to them.

Let's break our discussion about how much time for mediation divorce into two questions:

  1. How much time to discuss and decide terms of divorce?
  2. How much time to get a Pennsylvania divorce decree?

How much time to discuss and decide matters in divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation can proceed quickly. Within days of a free consultation about divorce mediation, spouses may discuss and decide terms of divorce with help from a mediator. These and other issues may be decided right away:

  • distribution of marital property
  • spousal support
  • alimony
  • child support
  • child custody

No need to wait months—even years—for a divorce court to decide. It is possible for spouses to sign documents to make the terms decided in divorce mediation sessions legally binding in a matter of weeks.

If divorcing wives and husbands choose to take more time, that is okay too. In divorce mediation, spouses may take as much time as they need to discuss matters and sign legal documents.

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How much time to get a Pennsylvania divorce decree?

A divorce decree is a court document that changes the marital status of spouses. Getting a decree is the last of three steps in a mediation divorce.

Pennsylvania law sets time limits on how quickly divorcing husbands and wives may get a decree. The shortest time to get a Pennsylvania divorce decree is:

  • 90 days after filing and service of a divorce pleading, or
  • 20 days after filing and service of a divorce pleading—if spouses lived separate and apart for the statutory separation period.

    NOTE: The statutory separation period is two years for spouses who separated before December 5, 2016, and one year for spouses who separated December 5, 2016 or later.

Generally, it takes an extra 3 to 6 weeks for a court to process the decree, depending on the Pennsylvania county where the divorce pleading was filed.

Divorce Mediator Dann Johns
Dann Johns,
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

❝An entire mediation divorce that includes discussing and deciding topics, signing Pennsylvania legal documents, and getting a Pennsylvania divorce decree can be completed in my office.❞

If spouses choose to take more time before consenting to a decree, that is okay. Some husbands and wives are not ready to divorce so quickly. Some choose to stay married for continuation of marital health insurance benefits, to file taxes jointly, or for personal reasons.

Divorce mediation can begin when both spouses are ready

Divorce mediation can begin as soon as both spouses are ready. The first step is a free consultation about divorce mediation.

In my office, a free consultation can happen within days of a request. Because my law practice is limited to mediation divorce, I am focused and efficient. I take pride in attending to all matters promptly.

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