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Three tips for a more peaceful divorce mediation

Have a more peaceful divorce mediation by knowing how to:

  1. talk more peacefully
  2. let go of anger
  3. restore inner peace

In each moment we have a chance to make our words, thoughts, and lives more peaceful.

How to talk more peacefully in divorce mediation

Try one or more of these tips:

Does each spouse need their own lawyer for a mediation divorce?

Steps in a Pennsylvania mediation divorce

Listening is important too! Try one or more of these tips for a more peaceful mediation divorce:

When can divorce mediation begin?

Timeline for a Pennsylvania mediation divorce

How to let go of anger in divorce mediation

Anger leads to bad things in divorce. It makes us say and do things just to punish our spouse. This feeds a cycle of growing anger and defensiveness in divorcing spouses. Almost all expensive courtroom divorces are fueled by anger.

A mediation divorce costs less than the average Pennsylvania divorce

Anger is like a hot coal that we pick up to throw at the other person. It burns both of us. When divorcing wives and husbands see this truth, they can let go of anger right away.

Divorce Mediator Dann Johns
Dann Johns,
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

As a full-time divorce mediator, I am committed to helping spouses and parents stay on, or find, their path of peace. I believe a peaceful divorce is possible even under difficult circumstances.

Nobody wants to be angry forever. It is up to each of us to decide how long to hold on to anger. Letting go of anger is a gift we give ourselves.

Trying divorce mediation can help divorcing husbands and wives let go of anger. In divorce mediation we focus on problem solving, which tends to calm strong emotions.

What to expect in a free consultation about divorce mediation

Schedule a free consultation about divorce mediation

How to restore inner peace during a mediation divorce

Peace starts with you. Be sure to restore joy, compassion, kindness, and balance in your body and mind every day. Don't wait until the divorce is done. Here are some ideas to try:

Divorce Mediator Dann Johns
Dann Johns,
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

Please take good care of yourself! I hope my website helps you and your spouse find a peaceful path forward.

Divorce peacefully

Cost of divorce mediation in Pennsylvania

Divorce mediation for you and your spouse

Consider sharing this website with your spouse. If both of you are interested in a mediation divorce, the next step is to schedule a free consultation about divorce mediation.

To learn more about divorce mediation, visit the site map (helpful summary of each page of this website) or search by topic using the navigation menu.

I wish you and your spouse much peace and well-being!

Dann Johns
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

Content updated February 23, 2023

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