Free consultation about divorce mediation—Pennsylvania

A free consultation with Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney lasts up to 1.5 hours and offers:

  1. discussion about how divorce mediation would work in your case,
  2. information (legal, tax, parenting, financial) that helps you and your spouse make informed decisions about divorce,
  3. written estimate setting the cost of a mediation divorce.
Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator and Attorney Dann Johns
Divorce Mediator & Attorney

  • Practice limited to mediation divorce since 2012
  • Attorney & Counsellor at Law admitted to Pennsylvania Bar in 1988
  • Active attorney license PA52681
  • Member of Pennsylvania Council of Mediators
  • Committed to peaceful resolution of all divorce issues

Spouses attend a free consultation together. Attending together helps wives and husbands decide whether a mediation divorce is right for them—and whether Dann Johns is the right mediator.

A free consultation also includes discussion of:

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What to bring to the free consultation

Be sure to bring your spouse to the free consultation! Participation of both spouses is needed for divorce mediation to be successful.

What else should you bring?

  • Some spouses bring a list of questions to ask. The free consultation is a good time to ask your questions about divorce and divorce mediation.
  • Some spouses bring nothing at all, and that is okay. The free consultation is mostly about Dann Johns providing information to you and your spouse.
  • It is not necessary to bring financial documents to the free consultation. While Dann Johns will ask some general questions about property, debts and income, your answers do not  require showing documents. At the end of the free consultation, Dann Johns will give you a list of documents to bring to the next meeting.

What is divorce mediation?

Learn about Dann Johns, Divorce Mediator & Attorney.

Fee for first consultation with Dann Johns

Your first consultation with Dann Johns is free. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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